Hammering on the door

Hammering on the door

According to tradition, on the 31st  October 1517, an Augustinian monk called Martin Luther nailed 95 objections to the church’s teaching and practise onto the doors of All Saints Church in Wittenberg.  Thus began the Protestant Reformation.

In December 1955, Dr Martin Luther King Jr supported the Montgomery Bus Boycott and became a leader in the American Civil Rights movement against prejudice, discrimination and injustice.  He often found himself in conflict not just with political power, but also with those whose Christian faith fuelled their prejudice, aggression and violence.

Today church and society still get things wrong.  We exclude people who are created in God’s image.  We discriminate and use Bible or tradition to justify our actions.  We support unjust rules and laws in the name of church or political unity.  We use prejudice in a vane attempt to protect ourselves from our fears.

There is still a place for hammering on the doors of religiosity.

Jacob Luther was the little known younger brother of Martin Luther  …